STARNFC: The Leading Manufacturer Of RFID Stickers

Business,Business News For Immediate Release:   June, 2018: In order to meet the demand of information era, RFID stickers rises in response to the proper time and conditions, ensuring the security of buildings and satisfy the various requirements of users. The advantage of RFID stickers is that its thickness is much thinner than plastic card and it can be adhesive on goods surface for tracking purpose. STARNFC Technologies Ltd. is a Chinese supplier and one of the best leaders of Smart Cards, RFID tags, NFC tags for intelligent solutions in the world.   They offers a wide range of products that include plastic cards, RFID cards, RFID prelam, RFID inlay, RFID tags, NFC cards and tags for smart applications in access control, identification, loyalty program, transport ticket, tracking and much more. All the products of STARNFC are approved by IC certification and ISO19001:2008 certification.  

RFID labels are great smart solutions for various RFID asset tracking and RFID inventory management. STARNFC is one of the leading manufacturers of RFID labels. RFID labels are of different types: 125KHz LF RFID labels, 13.56MHz and 860-960MHz UHF RFID labels. 125KHz RFID sticker has a very short read range and low cost. It is very thinner than normal LF RFID card and LF RFID tag.   125KHz RFID sticker with the adhesive on back side is easy for asset tracking. It can also be used on the metal surface if with anti-metal layer. The size and shape of 125KHz LF RFID label can be customized. It can be silkscreen simple print with your design or logo.   About the Company: STARNFC Technologies Ltd. is one of best leader of Smart Cards, RFID tags, NFC tags for intelligent solutions in the world. For more information visit   Contact Details:   Author Name: Amy Business Name: STARNFC Tech Limited Company Address: NO.118 PingAn Stree Cheng Xiang Qu Putian, Fujian, China Phone: (86) 594-2588-598 Email:   ###